Pot Pop-UP!

Location: STARworks, 100 Russell Drive, Star, NC 27356

The Pop-UP is open to all attendees, panelists and presenters at Woodfire NC 2017.

1.      Bring up to two small wood-fired piece(s) for the exhibit. Limit of up to two pieces per person please.  

2.     Please place your business card or a handwritten card with your name and contact information inside each piece.  Feel free to include technical information about the piece(s), such as glazes used and type of kiln.

3.     Bring your piece(s) to the Pot Pop-UP area any time before exhibit starts, it will be on the conference map and place it on one of the designated tables. Please do this at the beginning of the conference so that attendees can check out the work in the exhibit throughout the conference.

4.     The works in the pop-up exhibit are not for sale through the conference host. However, sales are encouraged at the artists' own discretion and by their own means. 

5.     Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying the required sales tax. The tax rate in Montgomery County, NC is 7%. Contact Department of Revenue at (877) 252-3052 for sales tax information or go to www.dor.state.nc.us.