Weizenblatt Gallery, Mars Hill University

Locations: Moore Fine Arts Building 79 Cascade Street Mars Hill, NC 28754

LINEAGE: Celebrating Rock Creek Pottery

Exhibition Dates: May 22 – August 12, 2017

Opening Receptions: June 3, 6-8pm

This show brings light to the continued, widespread influence of former Western North Carolina wood fire potters, Will Ruggles & Douglass Rankin. A selection of Rock Creek Pottery pots, including some from Will & Douglass’s personal collection, will be exhibited along with the works of twenty potters from across the USA who maintain a connection to the teachings & aesthetics of Ruggles & Rankin.

Weizenblatt Gallery, Mars Hill University

Locations: Moore Fine Arts Building 79 Cascade Street Mars Hill, NC 28754

“CERAMICA POPOLARE”  Italian wood fired folk pots

Exhibition Dates: May 22 - June 11, 2017

Opening Receptions: June 3, 6-8pm

An exhibit of 18th - 20th century maiolica & lead glazed terracotta pottery from the collection of Shawn Ireland & Christopher Robinson.  These robust domestic wares tell a story as rich & grounded as the culture they come from. It is a story of materials, of production & of a life in use. Their rustic beauty eminates from their purpose.

Asheville Area Arts Council Gallery

Location: 207 Coxe Avenue Asheville, NC 28801 (in the Refinery Creator Space)

Current Effects: Contemporary Woodfiring in Western North Carolina

Exhibition dates:  May 19th-June 23rd, 2017

Opening Reception: June 2nd, 6 - 8pm.

The mountains of North Carolina harbor a rich history of woodfired ceramics that forms the foundation of the region’s vibrant contemporary practice. Western North Carolina is home to some of the field’s top artists and also to a number of valuable young voices that continue to push the field of woodfired ceramics in new directions. This exhibition speaks to the diversity and strength of woodfiring in our region by bringing together established and emerging makers alike to highlight the quality of what’s being made in the mountains today.  As we survey the state of woodfiring in Western North Carolina, this exhibition clearly conveys that the future is a bright as our past. 

More details: http://ashevillearts.com/exhibitions/current-effects-contemporary-woodfiring-in-wnc/

Clayspace Co-op Gallery

Location: 119A Roberts st. Asheville NC 28801

Guest List: An exhibition of the Mountain PreHeat Invited Artists

Exhibition dates: June 1-7th

Opening reception: June 4th from 5-7pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Nearly a dozen woodfire artists from around the world convene for one week only to showcase smaller works – the kind that fit in your suitcase. Guest List includes more affordable price points and offers a great opportunity to add to your collection. Get to know the invited artists of the Mountain PreHeat preconference of WoodfireNC, and take home a piece by one of the top talents in the woodfiring field. 

It is a huge honor to have such an amazing group of invited artists assembled for the PreHeat, and we hope that everyone shows their appreciation by coming out and supporting the artists in this show. The exhibition is only up for a limited time and all work will be sold on a cash-and-carry basis, so be sure to catch it while you can.

The exhibition is hosted by the Clayspace Co-op gallery and will open in conjunction with the River Arts District gallery night of the Mountain PreHeat 5-7 p.m. on Sunday, June 4.

Blue Spiral 1 Gallery

Location: 38 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Connected by Fire (A woodfired ceramics invitational exhibition curated by Josh Copus) 

Exhibition dates:  May 4th-June 23rd.

Opening Reception: May 4th from 5-8pm

Special Reception: June 1st from 5-7pm

Across the globe wood firers are connected by a shared experience of smoke and sweat. Although woodfiring is a relatively small discipline within the ceramic arts, the contemporary community is extremely close knit. What it lacks in numbers, it makes up for in the passion, commitment and enthusiasm of its practitioners.

Fire is at the root of what it means to be human. Because woodfirers work with this ancient tool, they share a common language that transcends contemporary cultural barriers. The act of working wood and flame tap into something ancient every person shares. 

This exhibition brings together nineteen artists from five countries for a special exhibition to showcase the language of fire and clay. Like any language, each artist speaks with an individual accent, influenced by the region they work in and their own unique history, bringing depth and diversity to the conversation. Yet through this practice that upholds the intrinsic values of work, beauty and community, a common united voice arises.  This exhibition is a platform for that global message. 

Exhibiting Artists:

More details: BlueSpiral1.com

In Tandem Gallery

Location: 20 North Mitchell Ave, Bakersville, NC 28705

Degrees of Wood

(Wood Fired Effects created by a multitude of methods, styles, and techniques)

Exhibition Dates: June 1st – 30th

Opening Reception: June 6th from 5:00 – 8:00pm

Exhibiting Artists:

• Marvin Bjulin
• Nick Schwartz
• Joy Tanner
• Will Dickert
• Jason Hess
• Jason Bohnert
• Steven Schaeffer
• Ken Sedberry
• Will Baker
• Judith Duff
• Ashwini Bhat
• Courtney Martin
• Justin Lambert
• Justin Rothshank
• Joseph Sand
• Joey Sheehan
• Ron Meyers

The recognizable effects of firing with wood are used by artists in a broad range of ways to accentuate their work. Typically, wood as a fuel leaves a distinct mark on the work in the kiln. It often brings out the earth tones in the clay bodies and can deposit a honey-like glaze on the surface depending on the length of the firing and wood used.  

Some ceramicists have pushed these ‘typical’ effects to see how far they can go with this basic method by expressing their own voices into the process. This group of ceramicists encompasses everything from 7-day firings to 6 hour fast firings; wood firing decaled work to raw clay pieces; incorporating colorful glazes to flashing slips to using only natural ash to color the surfaces. This exhibition exemplifies the multitude of outcomes and methods wood fired work - and these artists - have created.

This talented group of artists, and this show, primarily demonstrates that beautiful work can have enormous variety, even when there is a commonality in how it’s fired.

Details: www.intandemgallery.com  |  (828)688-6428  |  intandemgallery@gmail.com